"He Is Mentally Sick" Fans React To Kalawe's Eli Njuchi Diss


After accusing Eli Njuchi for stealing his rap news concept in  "Bodza" music video , rapper Kalawe is receiving heavy backlash from online music fanatics who say the over fourty year old rapper needs immediate mental health assessment.

In a freestyle diss tagged "Kalawe Rap News", relatively old rapper came for Eli Njuchi, Prophet Austin Liabunya and vice president Saulos Chilima,  to name a few.

The new rap news episode that was broadcasted live on Facebook, provoked fans and followers of the mentioned  victims as witnessed in the comments section.

"You are too old to be fighting against a teenager"  reads a comment.

"You have energy and recourses but zero art" reads another commitment.

Meanwhile, Eli Njuchi and his management are yet to respond to the so called rap news diss.

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