Family of Martse Brings Out Fresh Revelations For The Rapper's Cause Of Death


In a head-spinning disclosure of events that might have led to the death of Martse, local hiphop legend, his brother has alleged, on Twitter, that other assassins mysteriously killed him in Mangochi. 

This contradicts the recent police report which claims that the 'Mwano' hitmaker died because the house he slept in caught fire due to illegal electricity connections. 

"Kumutenga M'bale Wanga kukamuotchera Ku Mangochi...," claims Tseh_Rih, Martse's brother in a tweet.

In a separate watsapp voice note, going viral on social media, late Martse is disclosing to one of his brothers that other people, not identified in the VN, were after his life.

"Koma sangandiphe...," Martse is heard, challenging evil forces in the audio.

Meanwhile, the world is still demanding answers to events that led to the death of Martse. 

Nonetheless, alot of conspiracies are cropping up, in different versions, all striving to set a narrative about how the public figure died.

We failed to get detailed information from Martse's family as we were going to press.

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