Zodwa wa banthu living lavish; 'not a gorgeous begger of favours'


The famous quotation, use what you have to have what you want, must have been taken seriously by South African socialist, Zodwa wa Banthu.

Through her revealing dressing, and forgetfulness in wearing pants, the 36 year old south African has managed to pull over $3 million net worth, if some south African celebrity blog posts are something to go by.

The naked-naked lifestyle has, aswell, reportedly, managed the entrepreneur to own various business entities, houses and some aristocratic cars.

The controversial dancer and television personality, who claims to have been abandoned by her father, is an epitome of ladies, in africa that are doing tremendous things with what they have.

Her coming to Malawi, though being halted by the ministry of tourism and culture, brought alot of expectations as most men were eager to patronize the event, primary to see what they see on television- naked Zodwa.

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