Leslie joins the ranks of Sangie, Wendy and few others


In an industry that is largely dominated by male voices, it has always been thrilling when female musicians step and showcase their talents fearlessly. While artists such as Wendy Harawa and Sangie have enjoyed relevance for a long time, a new voice joins the ranks and it is that of Leslie Moyo.

Her major breakthrough came with her single, Bambo A Tereza in which she featured Saint and became a very successful project that gained her followers across social media networks as well as among her fellow musicians. Bambo A Tereza established her.

Aside the entry single, songs such as Moyo Wane, Romeo and Juliet and Kalilole continue to strengthen her stand in the industry. Kell Kay also featured the beautiful girl in his Mukanabwera Amapiano banger which came out early this year.

Her continued, undebatable success this year saw her being booked to perform at some of the biggest events this year including Sand Music Festival and Gwamba’s Concert in Mzuzu.

One fan on Facebook, Kingsley Selemani had this to say about the artist:

“Leslie is unique in her style and behavior. While fame quickly gets to the head and in-between legs of most of the female musicians, Leslie has applied resilience on how she dresses and carries herself in public. Her music speaks for itself and she has a very bright future if she continues to represent Malawi the way she is doing. She is a true model,”

While fans can differ when it comes to preferences about certain musicians, they mostly speak in agreement about Leslie Moyo, a woman who has added great value to the game. Indeed, you can be famous just by using your talent and not necessarily by enticing fans with your nakedness, as has been the case with most young female musicians who wanted a breakthrough in music that they ended up doing everything and still struggled to make it.

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