Nepman rebukes artists comparison culture.

Afro DanceHall artist: Nepman

Nepman has joined the number of artists who have openly expressed their uncomfortability with artists comparison tendency  among fans and some online blogs.

The Zembani band signed artist took to social and shared a screenshot of a music blog page, Zola Nation,  which compared him with soft voice singer, Kelly Kay.

"Between Nepman and Kelly Kay who is your king of choruses?", posted Zola Nation.

"Izizi sizimandiwaza...." Nepman captioned the screenshot.

Meanwhile fans have expressed different views on the topic. Some think the comparisons help artists to pull up their skills and quality, while some think every artist is unique in their own way so no need to pressurize them with unnecessary comparisons.

For the past few months, social media has been flooded with posts and comments from fans in what looks like unending and tough comparison between two highly celebrated singers, Namadingo and Onesimus.

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