Dikamawoko wows Blantyre with ‘Jinkelinke’

Malawi Heat


Arts outfit, Dikamawoko Arts, on Saturday wowed traditional music lovers by staging a musical and dance theatre production titled ‘Jinkelinke’.

The production, showcased at Theatre in Mandala at Jacaranda Cultural Centre (JCC) in Blantyre, was electric despite the fact that the dance troupe failed to get together a great audience.

“But the few that came enjoyed a different style of theatre that gave them an insight into the country’s culture,” Tawonga Nkhonjera, Dikamawoko Arts Director, told MalawiHeat.com.

Coincidentally, the musical and dance theatre production comes at a time Malawi is celebrating the tourism month—September.

“We also wanted to highlight the beauty of our country, especially its arts and culture,” Nkhonjera said.

The audience was treated to traditional dances, with Dikamawoko journeying with people to the three regions of the country.

Some of the dances that people sampled included beni, a popular dance performed in the Southern Region which involves men of all ages in which dancers dress up like soldiers in home-made uniforms.

Dikamawoko also offered Vimbuza, a healing dance popular in the Northern Region, and Malipenga which is also performed in the Northern Region.

Inside the traditional dances, people appreciated some of the cultural aspects of the country and they included traditional games such as phada and ndado.


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