Concerned artists pens ACB to investigate corrupt entertainment TV/radio presenters.



Dancehall music Producer and leader of concerned artists: Warge 

It has resurfaced. Some entertainment television and radio presenters are being  accused of soliciting bribes from artists for airplay.

According to a seasoned producer, Werge Wangangwa Phiri of Werge records, other presenters demand bribes of up to a minimum of MWK100,000 from poor artists as promotion fee.

In concurrent with Werge, Vocalist Lick C, a blossoming artists in Zomba confided in this reporter that he has screenshots of his conversation with a radio dj who demanded MWK150,000 from him for his songs to be aired on a public radio.

"He said, without paying him, he won't air my songs," said Lick C.

Against the trend, some Concerned artists say, they've written ACB to investigate some unscrupulous presenters who are very corrupt.

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