Keturah dates Chalamanda in ‘Khalidwe’ single

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Musician Keturah has collaborated with legendary musician Giddes Chalamanda on her new single Khalidwe.

Released on Saturday evening, the song talks about the importance of respect and treating everyone with kindness.

In an interview, Keturah said she decided to work with Chalamanda as she has admired him for years.

“We actually worked on the song together. He wrote part of the song while I wrote the other part,” she said.

Keturah said her mother is the inspiration behind the new song.

“She used to tell me moral stories and always advised me to be kind. Growing up, I applied the theories and now I decided to turn my mother’s pieces of advice into a song,” she said.

In part, the song goes: “Keturah: Khalidwe ndi chuma, khalidwe ndi chuma, mwana wa mama

Kukhala bwino ndi wanthu ndikofunika mwanawe

Poti chidza mawa sudziwa

Yemwe umunyoza lero

Mawa ndiye adzakutole

Mwano supindula

Mwano sadyera nsima

Giddes: Musamuone kukongola nkhope, kuba ali nako

Anaba nsomba pa Chigumula, pa Chigumula amayi

Anaba kabichi ku Kawale, ku Kawale mai

Kukongola sadyera nsima,

Mwano sadyera nsima, chipongwe sadyera nsima

Chikondi ndicho chimamanga dziko, ulemu ndiwo umathandiza…”


Keturah described Chalamanda as a genius who knows music and loves to have fun.

“He actually behaves like a teenager when it comes to music. But he has very strong opinions about music and once he listened to the beat, the lyrics just flowed from him,” she said.

Keturah said her manager Pemphero Mphande made it possible for her to work with Chalamanda after she expressed her desire to collaborate with the legendary musician.

Khalidwe runs for three minutes and 14 seconds and has been released alongside its music video.



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