"I SPICE UP THEIR MARRIAGE"--Andulire Mwambila

by Kelvin Phiri
 Andulire Mwambila, Malawi's infamous and very much so proud Escort  who was in the news after spicing up footballer Kolo Toure's   marriage took to her Facebook to announce that she has joined a married couple on their honeymoon in Turkey to help spice up their marriage.
Mwambila who resides  in Manchester England proudly told her facebook followers:
"Two is company and three is a crowd?... Is debatable. If you are the spice that keeps the marriage of your friend! the pillar that holds your in-laws joy....; life is too short to contemplate. Just enjoy it and get on with it and you get a free holiday. You all have an external spice in your marriage whether you like it or not by fire by force but you are too dumb and stupid that you throw stones at the spice jar. She treasures me! Mayi guru and mayi nini (translated senior and junior)
"These 2 have been here for a few days. The staff can hardly speak English but one of them still managed to say to me "he man now he happy you is come now is smile. Is love you too is him"? I say yes me Andu this and that"

what do you guys think? do you agree with Andu's statement??? comment below

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