Gay Malawian Auntie Tiwonge, Then and Now


Aunt Tio captured then and now

Malawi’s most famous gay South Africa-based Tionge Chimbalanga aka Aunt Tio has undergone immeasurable metamorphosis as far as his looks are concerned since he left the country a couple of years ago.
The 26-year old and Steve Monjeza were the first to hold the first ever public gay marriage in Malawi’s commercial capital of Blantyre in 2010.
Homosexuality is illegal in Malawi and attracts a penalty of a minimum of 14 years imprisonment with hard labour. The two were sentenced as such but were later released because of global pressure. The international community had threatened to withdraw aid, which makes up of 40 per cent of the country’s annual fiscal budget.
In this picture, Aunt Tio, now comfortably based living in the Republic of South Africa shows how he has changed looks, so much so that he can be mistaken for a woman?

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