George Kalukusha launches EP at Koko Bean

Stepping in from Lilongwe’s cool breeze on Saturday afternoon, down into Koko Bean Café, you would have been able to witness the launch of George Kalukusha‘s new EP, “Growing Pains“. Rosha and Edson – that’s the George Kalukusha Trio – and to a crowded open space of pleased music patrons, they put on a great show, rolling out their slide-based bluesy collection from their new E.P. assisted in the key tracks by Rosha on the long bass.
Kalukusha performing at the launch

The show was enlivened by a spectacular performance from Menes, who was followed by Adrian also appears on the 6th track titled ‘’The Night Is Young’ on this remarkable CD. The EP also features 2014 MUMA award-winner for best male R’n’B artist, Danny Kalima.
Adrian plays guitar and when combined with George’s rhythms, what a groovy sound this makes. He was joined on stage by the forthcoming presence of Gwamba, Lulu and Third Eye who did a special guest set with his howling-reed style of punch lines.

Lulu (left) doing a set with rapper Gwamba at the show
Patrons at the event enjoyed and sang along to the most favored track from the EP, “Good Blood’. With its driving force, rhythm and the strong message, it sent people home with delightful memories of the well-organized event. 

Part of the audience enjoying good music
‘George and the band put on a really good show indeed – might have been nice if more of  Malawians appreciated the great talent on stage and help each other put the talents to good use’, said Sally Nyondo, prominent owner of “Koko Bean Café” who is also a well known musician.

Most of the songs in the EP were produced by George’s brother, Shadreck Kalukusha, and some by Samuel Genda. The track-list is as follows;
  1. One Two Steps
  2. Slow down (Call Me)
  3. Good Blood
  4. Caravan
  5. Fond Of Me (feat Danny Kalima)
  6. The Night is Young (feat Adrian & Danny Kalima)
Good Blood, the 3rd song in the EP is available for free download on Download it here

You can get hold of your own copy of George Kalukusha’s Growing Pains EP at the Koko Bean Café and The Living Room Café.  

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Follow us: @TeeMo_Ntilo , @MusicFromMalawi and @MalawiHeat on Twitter | Music From Malawi and Malawi Heat on Facebook - See more at:

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