Skeffa Chimoto and Pop Dogg Thrills Music Patrons In Ireland.

Malawian well known Chinamuluma Chakuda hit maker performed in Europe, Dublin Ireland for the very first time mesmerising the crowd with his music. The show organised by Globe Entertainment founder Memory S Kazombo, who previously brought Mlaka Maliro in Ireland took place on Friday the 13th dubbed "Pre-Valentine's Night" Event.

Skeffa shared the stage with Malawian/Irish multi award winning hip hop maestro Pop Dogg, who performed his well known hits Tchopa Ndi Manganje, iPhone, Like That, Am A Champ taken from his sophomore album Enter The Ninja available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play world wide.

According to Skeffa, he was vey impressed that the night went smoothly with the fellow artist Pop Dogg and DJs on the night, music patrons were were very responsive and most importantly had so much fun, meaning our jobs were successfully executed. He continued to thank the show organiser for her passionate of supporting Malawian artists, and encourages Malawian to continue supporting Malawian music, there's no Malawian music without Malawian artists he added.

"It's always a pleasure working with fellow artists from back home, i have done so plenty of times successfully with the likes of Lucius Banda, Mlaka Maliro, Maskal during my UK tour 2 years in a row and now with Skeffa Chimoto to name a few, and it's a very productive concept where we get to exchange music ideas and create linkages"-Pop Dogg

Skeffa is expected to return home end of this month.

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