Profile: Agnes Mtimaukanena (Malawian Boxer)

By Andrew Mukhuwa, Together Magazine.

Agnes the beauty
She is a boxer with amazing looks.
She does not have an eight-pack, not even does she possess the famous six-pack sort of bodily segments. Those tough-looking divisions of muscles often associated with hard-hitters. Watch Agnes Mtimaukanena, a Malawian female boxer in the ring sorting out an opponent, you would be stunned.

More of a Beauty Queen

As Innocent Helema, The Nation newspaper’s business reporter puts it “I wonder, of all sports how could she become a boxer? I mean, the girl is beautiful.”

Indeed, she has a face of a model. Because of her perfect looks, some have imagine her as a beauty model while others have suggested that she should have joined the beauty pageant and contest as Miss Malawi.

Agnes posing with her husband Brian. Photos courtesy
of Agnes' Facebook page.
She dresses and looks like one. Her exaggerative but well curved thick lips, glowing cheeks and twinkling eyes make her look much of a super model than just a pugilist. Her smiles that proclaim innocence and sincerity, soft speaking and her athletic height position her to a tourism ambassador. Yet, she is indifferent to all these suggestions.
Agnes the boxer

“I don’t know why people think I fit to be a model than a boxer. I have never thought of going into modeling. I don’t think I’ll ever do; not parading on stage for a beauty contest,” says Agnes.

Fact File
Age: 22
Marital Status: Married to Brian Mwando
Category: Welterweight

Height: 1.7

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