Spotlight: Aggie Kissyface Likongwe

By Malawi Heat

Her eyes – so innocent and lovely – tell a story of an outstanding girl. A girl with a passion for greatness. A girl so determined and destined for greater things.

Aggie: Malawi Heat Model of the Week
And when she smiles. I mean, when Aggie Kissyface Likongwe smiles, you find yourself undoubtedly uttering the beauty with brains phrase.

And yeah! She has got the brains. Unlike most Malawian girls, Aggie holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management at an unbelievable age of 19.

“I work hard, and my goal is to make sure I reach the highest level in my academic life,” Aggie, an up-and-coming Malawian model tells with a smile.

The Lilongwe based beauty, who has participated in a number of modeling shows in the Malawi’s capital, says her goal as model is to go international.

“We must think beyond the confines of our borders,” Aggie advises. “And this does not only apply to models but also to all other youths who are determined to hit it big in life.”

She adds: “I always strive to be the best of myself and that’s what we should always strive to do as Malawian youths.”

Aggie, who admires Thembi Zimba – a South African based Malawian model set to be brand ambassador for Toyota and Nissan during the Jo’burg International Motor Show this month –,said she would like to go into serious business in fashion, designing and modeling in future.
Aggie the beauty

“There is little talk about these things in Malawi and thanks to you [Malawi Heat] because it seems you are making people understand why they are equally good forms of entertainment,” she says.

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