Exclusive Interview With Malawi's HOTTEST Rapper Pop Dogg

Malawi Heat: When Did You discover you wanted to be a hip hop artist?

Pop Dogg: In 2002. Prior to that I was more into traditional music. I listened a lot to the likes of Makatsu band, Paul and Lucius banda, Alan Namoko amongst many others. Their songs educated the mass and had a lot of positive message apart from just being entertaining and that influenced me a lot.

Malawi Heat: Who are your influences?

Pop Dogg: My main influences are Nas and Jay Z. But I listen to all kinds of music as long as it sounds good to my ear and soul.

Malawi Heat: How is the hip hop scene in Ireland and Malawi different?

Pop Dogg: Lots of Hip hop events and African events in Ireland plus global artists come to perform in Ireland regularly in Ireland rather than Malawi. Hip hop in Ireland specialy irish hip hop scene is more into word play rather than just single rhyming. I can double, triple, quadruple rhyme both in English and Chichewa that's a skill that most rappers do not have.

Malawi Heat: What new projects are you currently working on?

Pop Dogg: I am working of my forthcoming album "Enter The Ninja" dropping sometime this year. Be My Lady ft Kyriah Dee, Am A Champ, We On Rise ft Barry One & Cyclone and Like That are some of the singles from the album. I will also be dropping new single called "iPhone"end of this month and shooting the video for it. The song is one of my favourite songs from the album and is both in English and Chiwewa.

Malawi Heat: Which artists have you enjoyed collaborating with so far in your career?

Pop Dogg: I enjoyed working with Naseelah, Dominant 1 and Third Eye years ago. It wasn't about making a song rather than just having fun with it. Also enjoyed working with Marco Sadik and Riva 9 on "Priceless" unreleased love song from my forthcoming album "Enter The Ninja" & Marcus Damascus(Malawian Ninjaz artist) on Enter The Ninja Title track which I will also shoot the video for it later this year.

Malawi Heat: What next for Popp Dogg? Any Goals you would like to achieve?

Pop Dogg: My future goals is to be well establish as people that inspire me musically and Putting Malawian music both hip hop and local on global level.

Quick Fire

Q: Piano or Guitar ?

A: Piano

Q:  Dance music or Rnb Music?

A: RnB Music Old School

Q:  Which is your favourite movie?

A: Maximum Risk- Jean Claude Van Damme

Q:  What is the one thing you can’t live without?

A:My Monster Studio HD Beats By Dre headphones, My iPhone 5 & Music. Oh gosh, you mean one thing only? I can't live without God.

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