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Pop Dogg is an award winning Afro Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B solo artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Malawian by nationality, he is also a songwriter/producer/founder/CEO and president of his own label, Malawian Ninjaz Records. Often called "Gunpowder” for his explosive lyrics and accentuating punchlines, Pop Dogg is also
bilingual making him one of the rarest and gifted artist to rap, sing and write in two completely different languages. He is also known and respected on the scene for his double, triple, quadruple rhyming skills while maintaining a grip on the same storyline.

Pop Dogg is very energetic on stage and has performed his music at countless venues in Dublin, Ireland. The hip-hop maestro performed also in Waterford, Belfast, South Africa and Zambia. He raised the curtains for American rapper The Game, 2Face and Ruggedman of Nigeria, Awilo Longomba of Congo and has been featured in different websites, newspapers and magazines.

In 2008  Pop Dogg released his first solo album Spit Real, with hit songs such as; Knock Out, Death Is A Killer ft Gina, Daddy Loves You ft Riva 9, I Wish You Were Here and many more. The album is still getting heavy rotation on various Radio and Internet stations. While in Malawi to launch Spit Real album, Pop Dogg collaborated with Dominant 1, Third Eye and Lady Kaspur aka Naseelah in Lilongwe, producing a hit single with a video called “How We Do” which was featured years later on Pop Dogg's Gunpowder Mixtape due to public demand.

In 2011  Pop Dogg participated in Spin103.8fm Lupe Fiasco Rap Superstar competition and he was among the 3 finalists selected in the competition. His song Get Loose with Raw Soul reached second position with over 20,000 votes. The song was one of the hit songs from “Gunpowder Mixtape” a 24 Track Mixtape with other known hits such as; Move and Sniffin' Gunpowder released in the same year.

Pop Dogg was nominated and won 2 music awards. Best Male Artist and Best Song Collaboration- Ireland African Music Awards-2011. He extended his passion for the Mic to raise funds for destitute and orphaned children in Malawi setting strides for other artists to emulate. He performed on 2 fund-raising events which raised money for Agape Orphanage Care Centre in Lilongwe and Phalombe's Likulezi HIV/AIDS Project. In the same year, Pop Dogg shot Daddy Loves You and I wish You Were Here music videos taken from his first album, Spit Real.

In 2012   Pop Dogg was named “The Big Deal” by Xclusive International Magazine because of his immense talent and creativity which has been making big waves in Ireland. Same year, Pop Dogg started working on his second album called Enter The Ninja. Be My Lady ft Kyriah Dee, We On Rise ft Barry One and Cyclone and Am A Champ ft Lupe Fiasco on the intro, are the hit singles from the album which are making big waves on various Radio and Internet stations. Pop Dogg also shot Be My Lady and Am A Champ music videos from the album, Enter The Ninja. Same year, Pop Dogg was nominated for the Best Male Artist and Best Rap Artist Awards and his “Be My Lady” music video for the Best Video, Best Collaboration and Best Director [Ireland African Music Awards-2012]

Pop Dogg recently won African Leadership/Power-list Award, an award designed for the recognition of excellent performance of individual and organization that have contributed immensely to the advancement of the developmental sector of Ireland & African continent.

Pop Dogg |Official Website: www.popdoggofficial.com

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