She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree in International Politics and a Masters of Arts Degree in Conflict Management. She has worked at a Law Firm, Citizens for Justice and UNAIDS. She currently works at the Ministry of Gender. In the future, She hopes to work with women in post-conflict situations, assisting them with reintegration and transitional justice.

While at Secondary school, She was introduced to the basics of programming and quickly developed an interest in coding. At University, She took Visual Basic Programming as one of her elective courses, and was able to further cultivate her programming skills. Although She did not actively engage in programming much after that, She continued to acknowledge the possibility of solving real-life problems through programming.

She wanted to create a platform that could change that narrative. She wanted to create a platform that could showcase Malawi in a positive light, highlight the many activities, businesses and services that Malawians are engaged in for the betterment of their communities and country, and create something that could rejuvenate a sense of pride for Malawians. So She created BerryBee.

BerryBee platform aims to provide affordable marketing and increased visibility for Malawian businesses and services, while showcasing Malawi in a positive light. The mobile application includes business and service listings, articles on Malawi & Malawians from a variety of professions and backgrounds, events, listings of places to see and things to do, among many other things.



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