Travel: Best Romantic Destinations in Malawi

Malawi might not be on the top of the list when thinking of romantic holidays or honeymoons but it could surprise you! The Warm Heart of Africa is full of unknown places and not only are they stunning but also… uncrowded. Privacy, peace and amazing landscapes is the perfect recipe for a romantic escape, don’t you agree?

After looking at our top 10 most romantic places in Malawi you might change your mind and consider it to surprise your partner. Why not bring him/her on a safari adventure ending on a desert island overlooking the crystal-clear waters of lake Malawi? Romantic getaway, honeymoon or proposal vacation? The Warm Heart of Africa might be the land of love!

Mvuu Lodge, Liwonde National Park

Picture: Mvuu Lodge

  1. Liwonde & Mvuu Lodge 

Liwonde National Park is a romantic place and staying at Mvuu lodge is the perfect pick for a couple getaway. The rooms will offer you a stunning view but also privacy, perfect for a tête-à-tête. Just sit on your deck while gazing at antelopes on the floodplain, have a cold drink and share this very special moment with your other half!

The detail that makes all the difference? Arrange a bush breakfast to surprise your loved one!

Luke Eco Lodge, Swing

Picture: Malawian Style

  1. Livingstonia’s swing: Lukwe Eco Lodge

If you’re an adventurer and looking for stunning views, Livingstonia is definitely for you! You’ll need to drive on a dirt road up, up and up some more but the view will be well worth it, we promise. Plus, you’ll enjoy the quietness and remoteness of the place!

The detail that makes all the difference? Sit on the swing, overlooking the lake and trees next to the person you love, it’s time for a couple picture!

Makuzi beach sunset

Picture: Malawian Style

  1. Sunrise Makuzi Lodge & private beach

Looking for beaches and privacy? Makuzi is for you. One of the only private beach in Malawi, Makuzi offers a beautiful creek where you can lay on a beach bed or directly on the soft, white sand between dips in the crystal-clear water of Lake Malawi!

The detail that makes all the difference? Wake up just before sunrise and sit on the beach to admire the sky going from dark blue to violet, to pink while a new day starts!

Chelinda Lodge, Nyika National Park

Picture: Chelinda Lodge

  1. Fireplace & hot bath at Chelinda Lodge, Nyika Plateau

Nyika Plateau is a unique place in Africa and you might enjoy the comfort of Chelinda lodge after exploring its wonders! If you want to experience Scotland in Africa, Nyika is the place to be. A kind of magic happens there. And there’s nothing quite like a little bit of cold to enjoy being two!

The detail that makes all the difference? Sitting by your own fireplace after enjoying a very hot bath in your chalet, just the two of you!

Kaya Mawa, Likoma Island

Picture: Kaya Mawa Lodge

  1. Kaya Mawa on Likoma Island, luxury island lodge in Malawi 

Fly to Likoma and admire the azure water of Lake Malawi! Soon you’ll be touching the ground and discovering your little piece of paradise: Kaya Mawa, one of the most beautiful lodges in Africa and one of the Top ten most romantic places in the world!

The detail that makes all the difference? The level of luxury Kaya Mawa provides, stunning views and personable service to make you feel like the only couple in the world!

Huntingdon House, Malawi

Picture: Huntingdon House

  1. Huntingdon House, Satemwa Tea Estate, Thyolo

Romance? Endless views of tea plantations? Go to Thyolo and stay in the wonderful Huntingdon House, one of the oldest buildings in Malawi. This place will offer you the charm of the old while giving you peace and sanctuary to enjoy your loved one!

The detail that makes all the difference? You can ask for a romantic candle lit dinner in the garden for even more remoteness and the feeling of living in another world.

Kumbali Lake Retreat

Picture: Malawian Style

    4.Kumbali Lake retreat, secluded and quiet by the lake

Back to the lake, closer to Lilongwe, the capital city, Kumbali Lake Retreat will offer you the seclusion a romantic holiday needs. You’ll be staying in little chalets between rocks and trees, enjoy the dwelling which you might have all for yourself!

The detail that makes all the difference? The very friendly staff and the view of the sun setting behind the 1000-year-old baobab – maybe it will make your love last as long!

Early morning Mt. Mulanje

Picture: Malawian Style

  1. Reach the top of Mount Mulanje 

Fond of walking or just nature lover? A Mount Mulanje hike is always a beautiful adventure, but taking part on such an adventure with your other half will give it a whole new dimension. You’ll be sharing the amazing view, helping each other overcome harder bits and have this feeling of discovery every hiker experiences.

The detail that makes all the difference? Reaching the top – Sapitwa- together, the feeling of accomplishment is even better when shared!

Mumbo Island

Picture: Turn It To Trvl

  1. Awaking on Mumbo Island 

Mumbo Island won the bet of balancing a Robinson Crusoe feeling with luxury and comfort. You’ll stay in a chalet with a stunning view of the lake and will have the opportunity to explore the island, walk to a viewpoint for sunset – with a drink! And dip in the water… Relaxing is your only duty!

The detail that makes all the difference? There’s no power on Mumbo, you’ll be in bed early but will rise with the sun and your other half while birds are coming to say hi – Yes it’s a kind of African adaptation of a certain fairy tale!

Tongole bathtub

Picture: Tongole Wilderness Lodge

1.Tongole candle lit dinner on the deck followed by a bath

Last but not least, Tongole, one of the most beautiful lodges in Malawi. It will give you the home away from home sensation. You’ll never want to leave the kind staff, beautiful settings and amazing room!

The detail that makes all the difference? A romantic dinner on the deck, lit only by candles, followed by a bath for two in the huge bath tub each room offers!

But the trip is not over yet if you want more ideas, more romantic moments or if you are going on an extended honeymoon we will find the perfect itinerary for you! And we might spice it up with a little bit of Zambia with a bush adventure or a dip in the beautiful Victoria Falls!


NB: sunsets and sunrises depend on the time of year! ?





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