Top 10 Malawian Fashionistas On Instagram

This was a tough one, So many Fashion Forward Malawian Ladies, but we could only choose 10!  We asked, you answered…..So Here’s out Top 10 Malawian Fashionistas on instagram

#10. @Janethendreson Shes petite and Popping. Her Style is sexy and comfy and we are all the way here for it!


#9 @Vanisa-bae1 makes it on our Top 10 because her style is for the bold& confident,  Sexy and Curvy all in One!


#8 @Anastanzia_’s style is chic, comfy and cute and thats why she made it on our list


#7. @Yami_b_luv This sophisticated lady makes it on our list because of her classy and elegant style!


@thee_female_boss is on our list because of her killer versatile fashion sense


#6. @deborasiyaya earned her fashionista spot on our list because of her girly, simple style that makes her look like a million bucks


#4. our list would not be complete w/out the baddest of them all.. @bernice_adele is our Queen’s style is so effortless,  and so powerful!


#3. @being_zeni is the definition of a fashionista. Every piece she wears she owns it and makes it her own and slays like no other. 10’s across the board!!!


#2. its looks that are being served lall day everyday with Our Fashionista Extraordinaire. @msyotey WE live darling!


Our #1 spot was reserved for our ultimate fashionista @yamiko_ who is always serving and slaying and leaving us speechless everytime.


Keep submitting your pictures and who knows you might find yourself on our site! 🙂 Dont forget to follow us on instagram @malawiheat


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