Rapper TNO sides with Suffix on imitating Fredokiss

Christian rapper Suffix on Saturday, May 5 2018, had a free show at Bwandilo in Lilongwe, a place notoriously known for [binge] drinking and prostitution.

Malawians on social networking sites questioned the overall thing that the place was not a good choice keeping in mind that it is rare to see a preacher spreading the gospel at a night club. People think that is wastage of the word of God.

Suffix’ fellow Christian rappers, however, defended their counterpart that even Jesus Christ would tell the Gospel to a prostitute, tax collectors and other people that would be condemned worst sinners.

Malawi Heat caught up with Edward Chikhwenda alias TNO to find out how should people look at Suffix’ adventurous move… a move others have accused him of copying and pasting from Malawi’s secular rapper Fredokiss.

“There is nothing new under the sun. Whatever we do is from imitation,” explained TNO, a seasoned record producer and Christian rapper with more than two albums and a bunch of mixtapes and countless singles and collabos to his name.

A little more detail about TNO, he got born again in2011 at The Polytechnic. It was a time when his career was flourishing that people used to rate him favourably against another rapper Yesaya Nkhwazi.

Chikhwenda continued defending his friend Suffix: “Even Fredo’s show was an imitation from someone that did the same outside. It’s a concept that is not new. Suffix has to be given a thumb up for he is the first Malawian Christian rapper to embark on such a concept.”

The publication understands people just can’t say good things about Christian hip hop for reasons hard to understand. Suffix has the right to conduct a free show wherever he likes, what he is after are lost souls.

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