Theo Thompson describes his music journey frustrating, educational and pioneering

When he rose to fame with early hits like So Amazing, Stutter and May Be This May Be Love, very few Malawians believed he was on his way to showcase his talent on the global music scene.
In 2013, Theo Thompson released an Afropop track Awake which he claimed was a dedication to his long time friend who was suffering from cancer. Ron CZ did the video and it was the first ever Malawian music video to be beamed on Viacom’s MTV Base Africa.
Considering advice from critics that his music was more ‘British’, Thompson took time to reflect and get back on track. He was silent for some time till 2015 when he released ‘Ngeti Mngelo’, a song he featured Blantyre based rapper Yesaya, real name Yesaya Faith Nkhwazi.
After the track achieved a lot of success, he released another banger Magic on which he had BlakkJak killing an amazing verse on it.
From the look of things, Theo and Ron CZ like to work together. That be reason Magic music video was done by Ron CZ of Red Ink Media.
The video rose too fast to claim position number one on Times TV’s Urban Trend Show.
2016 was the year Thompson really did great stuff, writers dubbing the period Theo Moment to Rewrite History.
He had a very impressive performance in the jam packed Robins Park sharing the stage with Tay Grin, Faith Mussa, among other artists.
On his music journey, Malawi Heat caught up with him at FM 101 Power. ‘How do you describe your journey as a successful recording artist?’ This writer asked the musician.
‘My journey has been exciting, frustrating, educational, pioneering, humbling a whole host of contrasting and sometimes contradicting emotions but I’m still here.’
On whether the Malawi urban music industry provides growth opportunities to artists and industry players, Thompson registered dismay.
‘No it doesn’t but it’s not supposed to, the industry can be however we want it to be but development is up to the individual, the industry is that of exposure, networking and collaboration,’ Complained Theo.
‘…lack of networks that are influential in Africa and globally, we all make great music and we will email it to big DJs that get 1000’s (as in K1000 BANK NOTES) of songs a day so our music gets lost amongst them. But given a chance we could do big things,’
The view put across by Theo must be taken seriously before it’s too late. Otherwise, artists will continue to make music for nothing.

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