RnB Superstar Jay Major Mw Collaborates With Dan Lu

The name J Major might not be very familiar to some youngsters that follow Malawi urban music. The publication, however, is of the view Major is on for something.

His 2017 sizzling track he has featured Dan Lu is clear testimony that the RnB superstar has what it takes to make it in the world of urban music.

The video is in full High Definition, with superb colour balance, well planned story line and nice camera angling.

At Trace Television, French urban music television channel, they advise artists to follow three main characteristics– if information this writer got on their website is anything to go by– for a good music video. These characteristics are: a storyline that people can connect to, good lighting and dextrous camera angling.

Talking about Jay Major’s My Love music video, the story line is one everyone can connect to. That alone is what music lovers seek in motion pictures.

As if that wasn’t enough, camera angling is so on point, on deck and perfect. Does perfection exist really?

The music video answers that question. If one was to watch the video (link will be scribbled at the end of this featured story) right now, they would agree with Malawi Heat that youngsters in the country are really pushing stuff. Way to go!

How about lighting? Did award winning video director Sukez do his job as he always does? Behold, the young video director has never disappointed.

There are unnecessary cuts in the video, another good feature. Unnecessary cuts disturb a viewer’s eyes and research has shown videos with too many very short scenes lose taste real quick.

The video is one of its kind. Jay Major’s future in music really looks bright and brighter than other local misguided artists that always make empty noise, beefing each other in the process.

This writer is of the view Jay Major is one to watch. His zeal is admirable, his hard work is truly bearing him testimony.

[Link for My Love video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7abBGhAwKw ]

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