Pro Gain Eyeing iTunes

Celebrated Christian rapper and record producer Pro Gain has eyes on the world’s biggest music distribution platform iTunes.

Speaking with this writer on Sunday, June 03 2018 in Blantyre, the ‘Ndine Mfana Mofewa’ hit maker alluded to a fact that he’s at the moment setting up an account on iTunes in readiness of his album that is expected to be sold on the music store when it is out later in the year.

He has just released a single ‘Ame’ that continues to enjoy massive airplay on local radio stations and is being downloaded prodigiously.

Malawi Heat wanted to know what’s coming from Pro G in the meantime keeping in mind the album will be out in almost five months from now. “People should expect video for Amen and two more singles. Then the album will surely come,” he said as if giving prophecy on the signs of the coming of his album.

With confidence and energy, the rapper outlined his plans in a way that one would only keep eyes wide open awaiting to see what Pro Gain will bring before the album.

Asked about the growth and development of Christian music as a genre, the Chancellor College graduate said he was impressed with the gains made in the genre. “The growth has been tremendous. There has been increase in numbers. That is to say upcoming artists and fans. And our genre is now at par with secular hip hop.”

Listening to recent music from the talented rapper, it would be fair to conclude his tracks should have been on the global music stores by now. His lyrics and content are mature and inspiring. It could be just that he’s been waiting on The Lord. As in he’s been waiting “for God’s time” the whole time.

In music, patience is of the essence. an artist cannot just wake up, check download statistics on Malawi Music dot com then go ahead open an account on Spotify or Amazon thinking their Malawi Music success will turn commercial. It doesn’t work like that!

Local music websites offer music free of charge whereas on iTunes, Amazon etc… people literary buy music. So, a musician has to have marketing channels in order or make themselves a laughing stock when they fail to breakthrough.

That could be a reason pro gain did not rush to have his music uploaded for sale. Songs like ‘Thima Ili Zii’ released in 2017 and his new bubbling-sizzling hit ‘Amen’ could do well on big online stores

Real name King Khangamwa , Pro Gain, however, painted a gloomy picture on the business side of Christian urban music. He said: “Our secular counterparts are involving the corporate world. That’s why they’re making money out of their music. So, if we Christian urban musicians follow suit, things will work out.”


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