Vintage interview: MonaSinging Says Real Music Originates From Her.

This interview was conducted on September 4, 2015 via email.

As the euphoria for her upcoming E.P. keeps getting stronger and unbearable, MonaSinging tells the most naked truth Malawians and her fans have ever heard in recent history.

 MusicBizMalawi sent her a questionnaire intending to find out how preparations for her E.P. are progressing.

Who is MonaSinging? Where does her music spin around?

“MonaSinging is exactly as it sounds. I am an independent artist out of Western Canada,” She starts her explanation with minimum pride.

“I’m a big force to reckon with. And I have it all to make a big name. The image, charisma and persona of a star.”

MonaSinging, real name Monalisa Ndovie, admits she’s fairly new on the music scene. She, however, is quick to make it clear that she is in full throttle.

She adds that her music is honest, straight truth out of her life, pain, passion, love, triumph and everything in between with collected calm and charisma.

She carries on expressing her mind:

“Its that type of honesty that makes my music resonate with the depth of classic blues. Real music starts here.”

Her EP Simply MISSunderstood comes out on November 30, 2015.

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