Chavura’s manager OG ProFate outlines exorbitant booking charges. Brags about his VW GT1. Insults Martse and Waxy Kay

Nyambaro Music in the building!! OG ProFate right there.

Lilongwe based rapper Gift Chirwa aka OG ProFate recently bragged about his new car, an expensive VW GT1.

Talking to this writer when he (the writer) was working on a story recently to do with Chavura’s booking charges, ProFate went an extra mile to bluff.

“Chavura is at K50, 000 if event organizers want him to perform a concert,” said OG. “They also have to make sure they provide good accommodation and food for him. We advise them to book him a room at some Sunbird Hotel.”

Asked about why he likes to insult some rappers, he replied matter-of-factly: “Yoh. People like Martse and Waxy Kay are ruining the game. They are not rappers. What the do is pasada.”



Chavura is one of the Malawian rappers that seem to be having good time in the game. He was a member of a hip hop group Trap Squad. He left the Squad to start record label Nyambaro Music with ProFate.

As Chavura’s manager, what he has to show for? “I have a VW GT1. I am leaving good life,” said Chirwa, a graduate of Mzuni University and computer programmer by profession.

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