Nyasa Music Awards 2017: Tay Grin Shines Again

When they started talking about the awards, Malawians as usual did not trust the organizers. ‘Just another bunch of jokers and noise makers,’ they thought.

To blame countrymen of always doubting new innovations could be unfair sometimes. Some innovators have brought inventions that did not stand the taste of time. Awards for instance, there came Music Union of Malawi Awards (MUMAs) that were organized by Music Union of Malawi and two little known consultancy firms. This was earlier in the decade.

MUMAs awarder accolades to not-so-deserving industry players, critics argued. Failure of previous awards is, however, subject for another day.

Before getting into the analysis of first ever Nyasa Music Awards showdown, let us take it a little back in time. Let’s pretend the date is May 4 2017.

Social networking sites are clogged with pictures, sponsored posts; artists doing whatever they can to mobilize votes. Fans too busy helping their stars with the break-neck task.

Tay Grin and Theo Thompson are the only two artists to be nominated on four categories. The former is appearing on the following categories: Best Rapper, Best Live Act, Best Video, and Best Male Artist.

Seconds turning into minutes, minutes into hours as we count down to tomorrow’s showpiece. Young social media users busy making predictions. Some claim a prediction and a prophecy are two different things; maybe they are saying the truth.

Time is now 9pm; we only have a few hours to Friday the 5th. A Friday to remember, a Friday to forget to some that have not been nominated.

As they say time flies, its finally day break on the land! Artists still too busy soliciting last-minute support. They (artists) are running out of time. They can not afford to waste a second on their Rolexes (those expensive wrist watches).

Artists that are not appearing on nomination list busy talking to the media on how fair the awards are being organized. We are in a democratic society, after all.

Time is drawing nearer and nearer to the awards night. Social networking sites still clogged with news feed to do with the debut Nyasa Music Awards.

Finally, the sun sets across the horizon. It’s about time to know who are really working hard in the Malawian entertainment industry. Will Theo Thompson get all the silverware he has been nominated on? How about the indomitable Nyau King? Time is about to tell.

Fast forward to Saturday May 6, 2017, early in the morning around 0010 local time, awarding of silverware has started.

Tay Grin has made three pluses to his ever flourishing career. He has scooped three awards out four nominations! Best Male, Best Live Act and Best video.

Talking about the best video award, ‘Chipapapa’ is the piece that has made Grin bask in glory. The video was made by Pilot Films, one of the best South African video makers. And the award winning artist is on record to have told the media that the video costed him a fortune in excess of K5, 000, 000 ($6,760). Quite an investment…

Malawian musicians must learn how Tay Grin continues to register success. He is a legend now, each time he releases music, turns out to make hit after hit. While other artists are busy complaining about lack of support from listeners, Nyau King is always busy innovating ways to catch a listener.

Musicians must understand developed countries have gone way too far with music technology. The Drake- Wizkid collabo ‘One Dance’, for instance, has so far been streamed for over 10, 000, 000, 000 (ten billion) times on music streaming site iTunes. That means every music lover on the globe is more willing to listen to the successful song at a particular moment.

And it is tough for a local artist to break in. This local musician must find a way to divert a local listener’s attention from American to Malawian music. And that is what Tay is always doing. And that is why he has ended up being the biggest winner of the night!

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