By Timothy Ntilosanje Multi-album Afrocentric Jazz recording artist, Ernest Ikwanga, will be performing at BICC in Amphitheatre on Saturday May 6. Doors will open at 6:00pm. Ernest Ikwanga has established himself as one of the true “positive leaders and motivational musicians” as far as Afrocentric music is concerned in Malawi. His incredible upbeat attitude and […]

Spotlight: Naphu Misomali (Fashion Designer)

congratulations are in order for NMisomali who confirmed  earlier today on her facebook that  she is indeed the first Malawian to showcase her designs at the Glitz Africa fashion Week. When asked about the event, Naphy told Malawi heat exclusively: Glitz is the highlight of my career so far because that is where I’ve launched […]

Karonga’s Indingala dance on New Year Eve

Indingala dance of Karonga. Picture by Francis Simwinga. As part of New Year celebration, a group of Indingala dancers from Kasoba area in TA Kyungu stormed the Karonga central business district charging MKW200 for every song. People patronized the event in large numbers – came out of bottle stores, excusing themselves from digital sounds, to […]