Gemini Major’s decision to leave Cassper Nyovest’s Family Tree Records was a grave mistake, here’s why

Malawian-born South Africa based rapper and record producer Gemini Major has been basking in Family Tree’s glory for some time.

Family Tree is a record label owned by South Africa’s successful rapper Cassper Nyovest. Major was signed with the label barely two years ago.

In March 2017, rumors started surfacing on social media that the youngster had formulated his own record label Rudebouy Major in association with Da L.E.S’ Fresh 2 Def.

To set the record straight, Gemini Major’s public relations team released a statement: ‘It has been a great journey with special memories and I am thankful of all the opportunities…

‘…But now its time to focus on other things and grow as an artist and a brand,’ Major said in a statement.

So many other artists have done a mistake like Gemini Major’s before. Why is the move a mistake? Isn’t that just an unfair conclusion?
Nyovest alone has a following of more than 2.5 million people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook combined.

Gemini Major could have stayed so as to continue using that massive following to his advantage. Here is what those statistics really do: whenever Family Tree has released an audio or a music video, then Nyovest spreads word on social media, 2.5 million people will know about it instantly.

That is without even making sponsored adverts.  And he (Major) could have thought about how people share posts from successful rappers.

On social media, Gemini Major has to be informed, there is a secret tendency of ‘who is up to date with entertainment.’ Social networking site users like to out shine each other.

When Cassper Nyovest, for instance and keeping in mind he be second subject for the write up, posts something on Twitter, people that will be first to get talking will appear to be avid followers of entertainment news, events, trends and all.

Artists benefit a lot from that because it is more like making an advert without paying for it. That is something Major did not apparently think about when considering to misguidedly leave Family Tree Records.

He could also have learnt from another local artist’s mistake he did concerning leaving record labels. Maskal of the Udalire fame unceremoniously left Nde’feyo Entertainment to go ahead pursue his career as an independent artist.

Malawians now know that he should not have done the mistake. He has ended up been silent, unheard of in the oblivion. That could be where Major, real name Benn Gilbert Kamoto, is heading to.

Can he turn situation around? Yes it is possible. The only way is to go back to Family Tree and abandon his dream to own a small record company. That way he will even show maturity.

Rushing into being independent does not pay dividends. Successful artists like Shad Moss alias Bow Wow, are still under Cash Money Records owned by Brian Birdman Williams because they know it is worth it.

Ice Prince –real name Henry Panshak Zamani– is still under Chocolate City’s management (same people managing Kenya’s sexiest and hottest diva Victoria Kimani) for they know starting a record label to compete with already established establishments is a break-neck task.

What could happen if Gemini Major does not go back to where he is coming from? Time is about to tell.

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