College student Tapiwa Chigumula doing good in fashion business

Raised by both parents Mr and Mrs Chigumula, 20-year old Tapiwa found herself into fashion designing not by chance. She has always been a fanatic of fashion TV channels since she a baby.

She confided with Malawi Heat on Friday, April 28 2018 on where she is coming from artistically and where she is destined to reach in the near future.

“Ever since I was young l focused on fashion channels than cartoons which was weird and because that my passion for clothes, fashion and style grew each and every day until I wrote my MSCE and wanted to do fashion designing as my career…,” outlined Miss Chigumula.

She continued to complain that her parents didn’t support her passion at first: “… but unfortunately my parents said no and I knew that that no was really a no . I then decided what else l can do that will make me happy and that’s what am doing now studying journalism at Malawi Institute of Journalism.”

Even though she started journalism the designing spirit didn’t completely die no. She then decided to start tailoring lessons which are still in progress so that even though she might not became fashion designer but at least she should be able to sew her  own type of clothes.

On balancing time for business and school, here is what she had to say: “About balancing my time is quite simple as you know time management is very important and that time lost never gained so mostly my classes are from Monday to Friday and whenever I find a free space in the week l go to my lessons ,l just make sure nothing should suffer between my career and my passion.”

Meanwhile, Tapiwa is no longer sewing clothes. She now imports clothes from abroad and she advertizes merchandize on her bussiness’ Facebook and Instagram page ‘Tapsy’s Online Wardrode’.

In her free time, She likes to listen to a variety of music except senseless songs.

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