Clothing line CEO Morrell Dorsey talks about determination

His day starts between 5:30 am t0 5:45am. Then he thanks God for allowing him see another day for 10 t0 15 minutes. He does that whilst meditating.

Ambitious Avenue clothing line founder and CEO Morrell Dorsey is one of a kind. The clothing line is a startup but it has an online store already running.

This writer caught up with him on Facebook. “How do you spend your regular day?” Malawi Heat demanded to know.

“I turn on some music and check my emails then I figure out which goals and deadlines need to be Defeated for the day, By 10 am I’m headed to my Cooking job then by 5pm I’m at the gym for a intense 60 minute workout,” Dorsey explained.

He continued: “Then from 6pm to 830pm I work on Any new Designs for my Clothing line Ambitious Avenue™. It’s a must that I put the firing desires in My creative vision on paper before it disappears.’

He made it clear that by 10pm he is always at his night job where he reads books on real estate, stocks, and Entrepreneurship etc and by the Morning it’s a repetition.

“Some days I don’t get sleep but I know it will be well worth it Soon I just have to stay hungry and focused. And More Importantly Some days I shut business down completely to Spend time with my family.”

Dorsey dreams to drive a MayBach one day. He comes from Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America.

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