Christian rapper Peter Zanera records love song


Gospel rappers got love too? Well, possibly they do. The Bible teaches about love, after all.

On February 14 2018, musicians dropped too many love songs. One would not expect a gospel rapper to release a track on such a day… for ‘worldly’ love was in the air.

But Peter Zanera (formerly Zain) is exceptional. He seized the Valentines’ DAY craze opportunity to reach out to lost sheep.

The rapper released ‘How Could You Love?’ on the special day. It is not about ‘bae’ love as people may expect, but about Jesus Christ’s love to humankind rather.

He featured Lawrence and an upcoming Christian songbird Yankho. The song is so inspirational and mature  that Zanera confesses, “Lord, I have sinned so much. I am failing to put it all in a verse.”

Peter Zanera is a Catholic University’s graduate. He holds a bachelors degree of accountancy and works with Press Corporation’s National Bank of Malawi.

The amazing song is available for free download on

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