Rapper Chavura Pretends to Have Fired Manager OG ProFate

Wednesday, April 11 2018 will be recorded in history as a dramatic as rapper Chavura posted a status on his Facebook timeline saying he had fired manager Gift Chirwa aka OG ProFate.

“OG Profate is no longer my manager, his bitch ass got my money, k20,000 and every time I ask his ass he says he is nearing an airtel money agent and he gone send…,” Chavura wrote.

ProFate hit back some minutes later with a shot: “Fuck ass niggaz be holdin mics at shows like they holdin dildos just like they be holdin dicks whilst fuckin they ‘gay friends’ when playin with they fuckin balls…”

And ProFate continued, “Fuckin idiots, fuckin walkin coffins..Mwiza Chavura, best believe i’m talkin to your gay ass. Fuck ass bitch.”

The two young men are always beefing each other on social media and sometimes people are clueless as to whether they are being real or fake. This writer understands, however, that these are just publicity stunts.

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