American volunteer calls Malawian Orphan “little bitch”

A white volunteer from the United States of America Callum Skinner, who recently made a racism post on Malawian ophans has deleted the post following international pressure and condemnation.

 Skinner took photos of the children he came in contact with and posted on his Instagram page, among others, he called a Malawian child “it” and referred to him as a “little bitch”

Skinner and his colleagues are in Malawi as volunteers from where, among others, they are working with orphaned children.In the vile post, Skinner takes a photo with a visibly frightened child who is crying. Skinner captioned the vile post with the words: when you beat an orphan in a staring competition and it cries like a lil bitch.

In another post, Skinner poses with a black child whom he claims is a child of Will Smith.

It is not yet known what the Malawi government will do. However, on social media, people have called on the government and organizations working in child protection to take up the matter.

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