Aero Impossible: making the impossible possible

By Elijah Mbewe


Do you know Malawi’s celebrated Christian rapper Edward Chikhwenda alias TNO? Have you ever heard TNO’s hit records The Only Way and New Creation?

If yes, then you have a heard a tag ‘The Impossible.’ The tag sounds too strong and too loud. It also sounds somewhat slow for a listener to get it straight that Aero Impossible is on the beat.

Where is he coming from as a beat maker? Aero Impossible caught up with this writer earlier in June 2017.

‘Music has always been a passion of mine. I remember making noise with tin drums as a child. I always wanted to make music,’ he explained.

He continued ‘Started making beats in 2009, when I joined University. Two friends I met, GB Swissy and King K had the biggest influence on my beat making journey.

‘The struggle was real at first and I remember some people said I should quit because they did not think I would ever make good beats.’

Moving on, Aero thought of adopting the name ‘The Impossible’ to constantly remind himself that he was trying to achieve what some had deemed impossible for him.

The beat maker thinks the Malawi music industry is not that lucrative at the moment, he cites that Malawians do not buy music. For musicians to make money, he thinks, they have to be innovative in finding other way like performances and brand endorsements.

As a beat, he is of the view that is a challenge to them also. Here is how he explained the challenge to Malawi Heat: ‘…Since it is hard for musicians to make money, the quagmire means beat makers feel the pinch too. Artists revert to asking for free beats from makers. To make money as a beat maker, one has to do some things differently.’

‘…Performances seem to be a common avenue. So if a beat maker is able to play an instrument, they might want to look for places where they can play for the night.’

In addition to that, Aero also thinks a beat maker has to get involved in advertising, radio jingles, making sounds for television adverts and shows.

‘Until Malawians develop a culture of buying music, making money from music will remain a challenge as there is not a lot of money circulating in the industry.’

Real name Chiharo Bilima, Aero Impossible was inspired by The Runners. He points out their iconic use of 808 always had him inspired.

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