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If you need to advertise your product, service, movie, song, album or company to an interactive and engaging audience in Malawi, you have found the right web site. Malawi Heat is the largest entertainment & arts focused online magazine in Malawi with over 100,000+ social media likes and counting.

Malawi Heat stats:

  • Over 30,000 monthly unique visitors
  • Over 100,000 monthly pageviews.
  • 20,000 RSS/email subscribers.
  • Ranked among the Top 10 largest blogs in Malawi according to Business Insiders.
  • Ranked among the Top 50 entertainment blogs in Africa according to Advertising Age.

Malawi Heat audience:

76% of our audience are affluent forward-looking individuals, curious about the world and embrace change and technology.
  • 90% of our readers have a facebook or instagram account with high daily activity.
  • We attract readers that love music, games, sports, movies, fashion & latest tech gadgets.
  • 50% of our young readers(age 15-34) are either at school or have a job.

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