If You Want to Feature Lady Pace, Here’s How Much You’ve To Pay Her

Levels for Malawi’s finest femcee of all time keep changing again and again and again. Her recently release album ‘Kachindamoto’ says it all than just words other misguided and noisy local female rappers are known for.

Lady Pace started music just six years ago. All her songs have been hit records: Solo, Weather,Number One, Less Kwacha More Problems and other tracks.

Making hits is in her genes. That be reason her debut album is a ‘hit album’. Hit album? Why? How? Behold; keep calm and continue reading and reading… you could be on for something.

To begin with Solo, the video was made by Joe Filmz; Malawi’s most gifted video gurus. Most of Lady Pace’s music videos were done by Joe Filmz alias ‘Hard Work Siyonama Ayi. Ayitu eti?’

Statistic for Solo on YouTube is unbelievably at mind-blowingly 10, 000 views. Making it the most viewed rap song by a female rapper in the country.

That means to-date, Lady Pace has set four records: First album by a femcee from Malawi, first artist in the country to land a deal with United Nations (as an individual), first artist in the country to sell more copies of an album abroad than here at home and first Malawian female rapper to hit 10, 000  views on YouTube. Impressive, very very impressive!

And as if all those achievements were not enough, Pace will be flying ‘business class’ [not economy] on British Airways soon to launch the album that is proving to have due visibility on the African continent.

When the greatest femcee of all time on the land spreads her wings on her quest to launch an album, Malawi Heat will tell the nation: Lady Pace Sets a Fifth a Record!

The achievement will again mean she will become first artist in Malawi to set five impressive records diligently and dexterously.

Lady Pace, real name Mwayi Mphande, has also been noticed by youngsters. Minj Mbewe, 15-year-old upcoming dancehall superstar made friends with Mphande so as to learn the nuts and bouts to success.

Minj Told this writer: ‘Lady Pace has inspired me a lot. Her music is educative. And I like the fact that she is fighting for young girls.

‘As a young girl, I always tell Pace that she truly is setting the pace and standard that youngsters like me have gotta be following.’

What a role model! Isn’t this admirable? Does Lady Pace not deserve an award? Well, you are about to be disappointed.

On the newly released Nyasa Music Awards, nomination list, Mphande’s name is missing.

But she (Pace) has no worries. Here is what she told this writer in a telephone interview late last year (2017): ‘I am all about child marriages right now. Awards do not mean nothing at the moment.’

On collaborating with Pace, an artist has to dish out K50, 000 ($68) to make a collabo. Malawi Heat thinks she has to start charging exorbitantly due to her status as an international rapper.


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